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We Are Currently Offline!

We Are Not Selling Consoles at the moment. But if you would like to buy one regardless, consider shooting me an email and i will see if i am able to. 

I Hand Rgh Everything In My Shop And Quality Test everything Before Shipping


"It is the best modded console i ever had and would definitely buy again, and reccomend to my friends."

TheLoneMan Modding

"Best Console i have ordered so far i have never had a issue with this guy the consoles are in great shape and work perfectly"!!

zDeathWizarrd | 

"Console is fast and dope looking i live being able to customize my console the way i like to . the console worked great and i love it. i would buy from him again".


Payment is Amazon And Paypal Only,

Friends And Family If Doing PayPal

And Gift Card Code For Amazon.

Console Repair

Ever have a issue with a console Just Contact me about it and i will try to resolve it. Depending on how bad the you can purchase a repair which is 25$+Shipping

RecommendationAnd Vouches

FireMods | FireLive Owner

"I just bought from this guy the console is dope it came in usps first class and it was rapped up nice and protected he really made sure nothing got in there lmao Hes a great guy i would suggest him anyday!"


"Loved the console, it worked great and i apreciate it i bought the clear case and it was F***ing Dope! I reccomend getting the Full package".


OWNER- Fulldiamondirl

My Skype - Fulldiamondirl

Youtube - Fulldiamondirl

kik- FulldiamondIRL

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Here are All the modifications for the consoles. ASK ME ABOUT CUSTOM CASE CUTOUTS FOR DOPE DESIGNS!!!

orders over 200$ come with free shipping

Hard drives -

130 gig hard drive - 20$

250 gig hard drive - 25$

500 gig hard drive - 50$

Accessory -

Spare Controller 15$

Power Brick 20$

HDMI cable 5$


See through ghost case Comes in

Red/Blue/Green leds -  50$

Only For Slims Trinity And Corona

Wisper Fan comes in - 

Red/Blue/Green Leds- 30$

change out leds custom in fan

choose four 3$ per led changed

can be done in different configurations like

top left led blue, top right led red, bottom left led red

bottom right led blue.

Custom Boot Sound-


Custom Startup Video -


Pre loads -

All consoles come with free preloaded games and mods as long as you buy a hard drive

Call OF Duty Black Ops 2

Call Of Duty Black Ops 1

Call OF Duty Ghosts

Call OF Duty Advanced Warfare

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Call Of duty 4 Modern Warfare

Call OF Duty World At War

Grand Theft Auto 5

Includes Dashlaunch {Latest Update}

Includes Xex Menu {Latest Update}

Includes Free Kv

Includes Flashdrive With Consoles Information and Nand Info

Can also Be sent in cd form if requested.


Bo2 Shit Tool 5$ -  Now Avalible!!! 

The Best Black Ops 2 Tool Out There


Each Console Comes With A 15 day warranty so if it breaks I can fix it

Console Comes With Standard Green Power Button Leds They Change If you Buy Clear Case


Send In services

Send in services are easy and cheap. Don't want to pay full price for a brand new rgh and you already have a xbox 360?? 

Crona Rgh Send In Install

- 65$ + Shipping

Trinity Rgh Send In Install

-35$  + Shipping

Jasper  Rgh Send In install

-40$ + Shipping

Since i Value My Customers I will Replace Any Missing Case Parts on Your Console Excluding Phats, Only Slims! When You Do A Send in

Examples and my work

When Doing A Send In If You Want Addons, Such as Whisper Fans, They Cost The Same As Doing A Regular Order, So Just Add The Price Of the Addon To Your Send In Install Console.

Ordering The Consoles....

Go to the top of the page and click the Tab for ordering consoles


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